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About OnTop500 advertising and advertisement spots

15 FEBRUARY 2018
AT 12:25:29

We stated log time ago that we are not going to sell "vote points" and most users understood we are not selling advertisement spots. However in order to keep the joint rolling and provide daily updates we have 3 spots available.

It is not excluded that we will sell [b]highlighted server frames in the future but we will NEVER ~sell~ in or out votes to advance a certain server in top. [/b] Completing certain achievements may grant servers certain amount of points, however those points are not sold in any way, those points are earned instead.

Upcoming updates

  • -Advertising banners engine, you will be able to buy advertisement spots directly from your user account panel
  • -Advertising monitor, you will be able to check real time statistics about your ad income and outcome traffic
  • -Premium user engine, premium user will have all his sites highlighted and will be able to chose the highlight color, by default highlighted server will look like in the next picture.

Available advertising spots and prices until previous updates will be applied

  • -Main page + category 600x112px banner 10$/month
  • -In and out pages 516x60px, 2 spots available left side and right side 5$/month/spot