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Huge System Update

16 JANUARY 2018
AT 19:31:11

We have applied a huge update recently that consist into a complete split of user/sites database. This change will allow users to update/add more sites on a single account. That's not all we have also added incentive votes as we promised, now you can easily track if your players complete their vote session before rewarding them.

This was a huge update as we previously said and here is a list of every change that's been applied so far:

  • -Splitted user database from sites database allowing users to add multiple sites on a single account
  • -Added postback function for free, careful this system is in beta testing
  • -Added pingback function for free, careful this system is in beta testing
  • -Updated sites database and functions
  • -Updated user database and functions
  • -Moved footer navigation and replaced it with latest news
  • -Improved ranking system
  • -Changed navbar design
  • -Added user navbar in account panel with all user tools
  • -Updated registration page, now it's user based rather then site based
  • -Added category icons
Learn how to use incentive voting here
If you find a bug/glitch please report as soon as possible here
That's not all

During the next week we are going to add few more features, some of them are already under testing and will be released soon. This updates include the possibility for server owners to post news about their servers, tagging systems and many more.