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OnTop500 is back in force

29 DECEMBER 2017
AT 14:33:29

After a whole year of running without updates we decided to give another chance to our top list but we won't just stop at this, a lot improvements were done before the relaunch.

Down here is a list of improvements and features added in this new version

  • Easy registration form, email confirmation system enabled
  • Automatically clean inactive sites for more than 3 months
  • Automatic top reset every first day of the month
  • Easy customizable vote codes
  • NO Premium accounts offering everyone a fair advantage to get on top, going to make the required money to keep the site up from donations/advertising
  • Weekly categories monitoring to see if we should add/remove a category
  • Website and Gaming latest news, will try to to post as frequent as possible and maybe hire an article writer soon if I get enough donations.
  • 12 hours automation system, your players will be able to vote again after 12 hours from the last vote
  • Anti proxy script, votes coming from a proxy address won't count to avoid double voting and other vote hacks

Note that all old accounts are safe you can login into your account and edit your site details. We have also fixed the password retrieve system. But that's not all, a lot of improvements were added so here's the most recent changelog.

  • Finished account system
  • Added SMTP emailing system, clean email body
  • Fixed forgot pasword function
  • Fixed password reset
  • Switched to bootstrap, keeping 90% of the original design
  • Added new account system
  • Updated IN and OUT scripts
  • Improved registration page, added social links
  • Added new pagination
  • Removed premium account feature for a fair environment