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Pingback and Postback incentives in progress

13 JANUARY 2018
AT 07:18:48

The incentives will help you as a server owner to keep tracking of your players making sure they complete their vote session before rewarding them.

Why would you need incentives and what is the difference between pingback and postback we are going to explain later on.


Pingback is a function that allow you to check whether a player has voted for you or not in a matter of hours, when a player voted for you last time.

This system work like this, you will access a specific link

https://ontop500.com/index?page=pingback&site=YOUR SITE ID&custom=YOUR CUSTOM PARAMETER

Custom parameter can be either a user id, a username or an IP, every ip sent will be encrypted before checking, we take privacy really serious and we want to avoid user data leaks

This is the most secured way to check if a player voted for your server because you are checking manually rather than waiting for an answer from another server


Postback is a system that sends a request to your server right after a player completed his vote session, the requests will be received by your system as a $_POST variable and a custom parameter you will be able to set later on your account panel

This systems are meant to be released during February 2018, currently are in project phase, trying to structure these ideas